Thursday, February 11, 2016

Is it May yet?

All is not lost from Ye Olde Days of Theology Girl.  I recovered some entries.  My words amuse me still, which is why I'm still megalomaniacal enough to write at all.

Commencement Speech

“Once there was a man, walking along the shore side.  A storm had washed hundreds of starfish on to the beach overnight.  The man bent down, picked one up and flung it far out into the ocean.  He repeated this several more times.

A woman walked up beside him.  “What are you doing?” She asked.  “You’re throwing these things out one at a time.  Surely you don’t think you’re making a difference.”

The man smiled and threw another starfish into the water.  “Made a difference to that one.”
The woman, annoyed by the man’s smug self-satisfied little smirk, rolled her eyes.  “They’re not whales, you idiot.  They’re frickin’ starfish.  They’re not going to dehydrate on a saturated sand bar.  Just wait for the tide to come in and they’ll all go out together.  Actually, you probably caused those few you self-righteously hurled into the sea to be eaten by sharks.  Way to be inefficient and pernicious.” The woman walked away, shaking her head in disgust.

I tell this story today, friends, in the hopes that we all realize less is more.  We should not be the fool on the beach.  We should always think, “Gee, maybe the starfish know what they’re doing.  I should really think long and hard about whether my assistance is useful.”

Motivational anecdotes are often thinly-veiled insipid self congratulation.  Don’t form organizational strategy around them.  Thank you and happy graduation.”

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